Weekend Reading

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's been a busy few weeks. I spent an entire weekend at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, played tour guide to a friend from Kansas, recommitted to my yoga practice and basked in the last few days of our San Francisco Indian Summer. I return from the land of too much fun and not enough homework with some good stuff I've found over the last few weeks.

More on our ancestors, this time it's all about sleep. (I think I'm seeing a theme in these weekly recaps.)

Anyone else on ello? I don't know what I'm doing but I like it.

I admit I was surprised by one of the key players in the early San Francisco gay movement.

“At what point is one considered emotionally unstable? Like, be specific.” And other thoughts every woman starts having in her 20s.

In preparation for my halloween costume I actually googled this today. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it.

I absolutely love these digital renditions of Disney classics.

A moving article with a provocative title, about the essential nature of relationships.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mid-Week Meditation

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm a bit late to this week's mediation. Instead of a guided meditation this week I thought this article would be nice to refer back to from time to time for insight on some meditating basics.

I particularly love 4. Take your meditation to go- Taking one breath with each step really forces you to slow down and be present. I've done it in a park a few times and I enjoy the added benefit of more time to take in beautiful surroundings.

One of the best tools for this is a labyrinth. There are several in the city that I have yet to use but have so much desire to. Here's hoping this inspires me to take a little meditation field trip soon.

What do you think about the article? Have you ever done a walking meditation?

Mid-Week Meditation

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One of the unexpected things I like most about my school is most teachers lead a centering activity at the beginning of each class. Typically this is a simple breathing meditation but occasionally they'll get fancy with it, by incorporating gratitude or imagery of some sort. Regardless of the direction the teacher takes, I appreciate this emphasis at the beginning of each class because I have been having a hard time feeling present in class. Pausing to focus on my breath in the first few moments has helped me feel more calm, centered and ready.

As a regular yoga practitioner, I know that I benefit from meditating but I have such a hard time incorporating it into my daily routine. In an effort to do this, I've decided to start a series called Mid-Week Meditation to keep myself accountable. Every week I'll share a meditation that struck me in some way.

The following is a brief, 5 minute breathing/body awareness meditation I found and really like.

Let me know if you give it a shot.

Weekend Reading

Friday, September 26, 2014

Picture from the slide show linked below.

Happy Friday! I am off to take care of some chores today before heading down to LA with my family tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a Dodger game and hopefully a trip to the beach. Do you have any weekend plans?

All you need is love (and other things we knew all along, now backed by science)

This super creative, hilarious back to school video.

A beautiful house put their most important art on display.

I am obsessed with WWII history. These pictures of the invasion of Poland had me mesmerized.

Caroline of Un-Fancy revealed her Fall Capsule wardrobe today. I talked about it in my 1001 in 100 update but her blog inspired me to pare down my wardrobe and rethink why I shop in the first place. I love her aesthetic, and while I like a few more colors than she does, I have learned so much from her blog.

Is Detroit the new San Francisco? The answer is no but I think some would like that to change.

Another installment in our ancestors impressing me. Stonehenge, are we still learning about what it looked like originally?

Do you talk to strangers? I admit I am not good at this but my Mom and Nana are so chatty with everyone. It must be in my genes right?

Weekend Reading

Friday, September 19, 2014

What's ahead for your weekend? I'm heading to a BBQ with new friends tonight and working overtime the next two days because I'm going out of town next week. Gotta get that hustle on! Also planning to make time for a yoga class and hopefully some school reading. I hope you have a great one :)

Quick disclaimer: I want focus this blog on story telling and investing in my creativity through writing but I can't resist the urge to connect and share with my beautiful internet friends. Every week I find great stuff from all reaches of the interwebs and it feels shameful to keep some of this useful info locked away in my Reading List. Without further ado, here is my first installment of weekend reading.

The state of the music industry.

Attention my cycling friends, we're now all a little safer!

Cheap is the new green.

The meal I've been making weekly. Highly recommend make half for now half to freeze for later.

The point of a relationship.

I wasn't following this story closely but it's heartbreaking to see very little has happened in 5 months. My thoughts go out to these girls.

Ancient civilizations never cease to amaze me.

Yoga Journal's first Body Issue. This author sees some discrepancies and I must say I agree.

The cookies I'm bringing tonight. It's a new recipe but I must say the dough is tasty ;)

On convictions, being judged, and making Big-Life-Choices

Monday, September 1, 2014

Or alternatively I'm going to grad school!

I don't remember exactly when I decided I was going to attend this particular school (California Institute of Integral Studies) for a program (Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology) I had absolutely no background in. It might have been about a year into working at a law firm and about 3 months after I had decided becoming a lawyer was not in the cards for me. I remember reading the course outline feeling intrigued by the types of classes that were being offered. I remember wondering what it would be like to combine academic study and self exploration. Then I forgot all about it. For two years I pushed the idea of grad school to the very furthest corner of my mind and did nothing about it.

Last fall the idea came up again and wouldn't go away. I tried to push it away for not being a good time. For not adventuring enough before hunkering down to complete a three year program. For not having saved enough money. For not having done enough research to see if this was really the life path I wanted to take. As much as I tired to engage with these ideas, a strong part of me knew there would never be a better time. That this path was, for lack of a better word, my destiny.

I went through a period of extreme self doubt. While writing my application I wondered if my story was compelling and convincing enough to let a non-Psychology major in. After the in person interview I was entirely convinced I had made a fool of myself and had no hope whatsoever. It came as a shock, the day before my birthday when I found out I got in. First shock, then relief, then the a brief burst of shame for not believing in myself all along.

I learned during this process that I shy away from my convictions when tested. Before applying I was 100% sure I would get in. After pressing submit on my application I was about 85% sure I wouldn't. I admit pure fear derailed me. I lost all confidence the moment the application was out of my hands. I was afraid of being judged and I was afraid of disappointing myself.

I know this is no way to live. I know shying away from my strongly held passions and beliefs is a cop out. It gives me the option to feel small and powerless. It's time to move past living with this option. I am ready to stand by my feelings even if that ultimately leads to disappointment. When I think back all of the biggest choices I've made have come from this place of passionate dedication. I have never second guessed myself out of something that started from that place, especially when someone else's opinion came into play. I am ashamed to admit that abandoned my self confidence during the process of getting into school. So, with this bit of self reflection I am looking forward to taking this lesson with me as I embark on my 3 year adventure of learning and growing.

July- A Recap

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I made my July goal to savor the month. I wanted to slow down and soak it in. I had grand visions of lingering over meals and morning coffee. Of going on long daily walks and finishing several books I started at the beginning of the year. Most importantly to this space, I had planned to blog daily. This obviously didn't happen. None of it did. I still felt myself rushing from place to place and thing to thing. I found myself speeding through meals and phone calls with my mom. What started as easeful living in the beginning of the month turned into pure laziness by the end of it. I gave up on cooking wholesome meals, exercising and blogging daily on about day three and never got back on the bandwagon.

The point of savoring July was to teach myself to stop fretting about the future. To focus on the present and avoid getting caught up in worries about things that haven't happened yet. Instead I ended up with month of self indulgence and no more peace about things I can't control.

But experiments would be nothing without the lesson we learn from the end result. In the last few weeks I've started to crave discipline and routine. Not in the idealistic way, that I think I will feel better when I have one, but actually setting an alarm and waking up at the same time every day. I crave healthy foods and exercise. I look forward to going to bed around the same time each night. I finally have some blog posts spinning around in my head and I look forward to sitting down to write in the mornings.

I learned I must take a new approach to savoring. I want to appreciate the mundane and I need to celebrate the treats that make life special without regularly indulging to the point of excess. I am curious to see where my mind settles within the structure of self-imposed discipline. In the past I've been obsessed with the routine and angry with myself when I don't stick to it perfectly. But it's been a while since I've done anything with regularity so I'm looking forward to see how this will go and I'll continue to remind myself that it's an experiment, with no right or wrong outcome.

What are your thoughts on routine? Are you better with them or are you more of a the go with the flow type?